Jonathan Edwards and Scotland Conference

I have just returned from Glasgow, Scotland after attending the two day “Jonathan Edwards and Scotland Conference.media_102573_enThe conference was put on by both Glasgow University as well as the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University. It is always interesting hearing from different interest areas involved with Edwards studies. Jonathan Edwards is one of the only (if not THE only) “Puritan” theologian who garners attention across a variety of fields. There were papers on revivals, both from Edwards day as well as the appropriation of Edwards for the “Toronto Blessing;” engagements with Baptists and preachers internationally, plus comparisons with Hume, Kant, Keats and Witherspoon. There were papers engaging Edwards historical and international context, looking at his correspondence with Scotland, his polemical engagement with Tillotson and parallels in his work with Van Mastricht. On top of that there were papers dealing with modern issues looking to Edwards as a possible source, including discussion of Edwards’ philosophy, his mission work and subjectivity, as well as my paper looking at Edwards and the beatific vision.

The Edwards Center at Yale continues to pave the way forward for what historical scholarship can look like in the modern age by advancing their website, expanding their classic reprints, and exposing Edwards to an international audience. Their website is well worth a look, even if Edwards is not your guy, just because the material and resources they offer are so helpful.


One thought on “Jonathan Edwards and Scotland Conference

  1. Glad to hear the conference was a hit! Any chance you would post a short excerpt from your paper? You can even retain your humility by saying “Kent asked me to post this against my will”. Well?

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