The Doctor is in the House – Congratulations Kyle!

Anyone defending their dissertation dreams the viva (defense) will reward all the blood, sweat, and tears with challenging but fair questions and the coveted “minor corrections.”  Leading up to the viva, the expectation and sense of foreboding is incredible. In the British system, until that fateful meeting, until you walk through those doors, your examiners have given you zero feedback; how your dissertation has been received is a total mystery!

Well, I am delighted to report — and I never doubted it would turn out any other way — that Kyle successfully defended his dissertation, received minor corrections that were speedily completed the next day (modifying a few section headings and the like), and is now Dr. Kyle Strobel. Congratulations Kyle and job well done!

A little about Kyle’s labor of love. His dissertation devoted itself to a trinitarian reading of Jonathan Edwards’ theology of redemption, and he describes it as follows:

This thesis has a threefold structure which provides a “top-down” read of Edwards’ theology. In advancing Edwards’ theology as fundamentally trinitarian, we start with God in se, as the “fountain” from which history and reality flows. Second, we place God’s economic movement in creation in parallel with the saints’ participation in the beatific life of the Godhead in eternity. God’s act and purpose in creation parallels his act and purpose in consummation, thereby bracketing and governing the work of redemption. Lastly, we broadly answer the question: “How does God redeem the elect?” by addressing spiritual knowledge, regeneration and affection. By addressing the nature of the triune God with this God’s purpose and aim in creation, we offer a systematic reconstruction of redemption.

We all look forward to reading it when it hits the presses buddy!


9 thoughts on “The Doctor is in the House – Congratulations Kyle!

  1. Congratulations Kyle. That’s great news (and I know something of the relief that brings, even though it may take a few weeks to sink in). Praise God from whom all blessings flow! And like Kent, I too look forward to seeing this baby birthed with a new skin. Well done.

  2. Congratulations, Kyle! I also look forward to reading your dissertation when it is published! What next? Proffing at Talbot/Biola :-); I think they could use a good dose of historical theology (esp. theology that is affectively based). Anyway, congrats again; what an accomplishment.

    I’m in the process of finishing up a schooling of my own of sorts; I look forward to experiencing the relief that “finishing” must bring.

    In Christ, your bro,


    P.S. Kent, thanks for this tribute!

    • Thanks everyone! Bobby, I’m just doing some writing this year. I have two chapters I’m working on, I’m going to pop out two sections of my diss. into articles, and then look to get my diss. published. I am also editing a volume right now with a friend, so I have a good amount of work to do! I think I’ll continue to push ahead in some areas of Edwards’ theology as well, but I haven’t decided firmly what those areas would be yet. One of the chapters I am writing is on justification by faith and its relation to regeneration in Edwards, but after that, who knows!

      • Well, I look forward to reading whatever you put out on Edwards; you’ll have to let us know where those articles on Edwards will be published (what journals). I would really look forward to reading your work on Edwards and the ordo salutis, sounds intriguing. Stay busy for the LORD and His people, sounds like you are; and congrats once again — I’m excited for you and all of you guys who have been able to earn the PhD — may God use that to advance His kingdom in unique and even prophetic ways for His church!

      • Congratulations, Kyle. Who examined you? Steve? I would be interested to hear more about the final form of the thesis, especially since I’m finishing up by OUP book on Edwards’s account of God and creation this summer (DV). You know where to find me. I look forward to seeing more of your work in due course.

        Best wishes,


        • Oliver, thanks! Steve was my external, and was really helpful. I really would like to get together sooner rather than later if that would be possible. I’m traveling a bit this week and next, but after things settled down I’ll try to figure out when our paths can cross. It would be good to sit down and talk again, and I would love your thoughts about publishers, etc., for my thesis.

          I’ll be in touch. Thanks again Oliver, kyle

  3. So God’s act of creating the material universe, is an early parallel, of Jesus reconstructing our spirits? And/or the saints contructing a church? Or us constructing a better world?

    Seems like an appropriately optimistic & constructive theology, for a new PhD.


  4. Congrats Kyle! I know that you and Kelly must be relieved! I know that He has great things in store for you both. What great news to hear, especially as we gear up to meet the risen Christ tomorrow.

    Blessing my friend

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