Suggestions? Primary Texts for Patristic Theosis

Funny how things come together around here on TF from time to time, always unplanned of course. While Kyle has been sparking our thinking about theosis I have been meeting with one of our best and brightest students to structure an independent study on the topic. We are at the point now of identifying primary source material within the Patristic era, but I find myself out of my depth; this just isn’t my era.

So I am quite interested to receive a few suggestions from you. Where might I send my intrepid student to find the best Patristic voices on salvation as theosis? Irenaeus? Gregory of Nazianzus? Athanasius?


6 thoughts on “Suggestions? Primary Texts for Patristic Theosis

  1. Why reinvent the wheel? Or are we trying to “reform” the Church Fathers?

    What I’m trying to say is that they are Catholic. Theosis for them is something intrinsic and synergetic. Hardly reformable to a Calvinistic tradition of extrinsic justification and monergism.

    Theosis or deification or divinization is already established in the Catholic Church. If you truly accept this, you will cease to be Protestant.

    Just get a copy of the Collected Works of St. John of the Cross.

  2. Well, I guess I got the impression from Kyle’s “Defining Theosis” post where he asks, “Is it possible to have a Reformed view of Theosis?”

    I guess the basic problem is that theosis isn’t a Reformed view at all. As I stated, it is Catholic. Trying to fit theosis into a “Reformed view” would involve eliminating many concepts essential to its understanding, resulting in a very truncated definition, if that is even possible. And such a definition would be “theosis” in name only.

    Also would recommend, Pseudo-Dionysius, the Complete Works, (specifically, The Mystical Theology), the Classics of Western Spirituality series, Paulist Press.

    • Sure, in response to Kyle’s post I entirely see the relevance; it just doesn’t seem to fit here. Maybe Kyle will want to pick up the conversation if you bring it over to that thread.

      Thanks for the additional suggestions. Cheers.

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