Texts on the Christian Life

Hello all, Kent and I had a wonderful time at ETS/AAR in San Francisco. We had a great dinner with Myk Habets, met up with old friends and some new ones, and talked extensively with publishers. In light of all of that, I wanted to put a question to all of you. Kent and I were trying to start a list of the great doctrinal treatises that deal directly with the Christian Life, and we wanted your help. What texts are the “must read” texts from the entire tradition and why?


5 thoughts on “Texts on the Christian Life

  1. John Calvin, Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life. Like Augustine’s Confession and Thomas A Kempis’ Imitation of Christ, it is a classic. Originally part of the Institutes, it contains some of Calvin’s most practical advice.

  2. Good to meet you in SF, Myk… and sorry to have missed you, Kyle. Here are some that may seem obvious: (i) Jonathan Edwards, *The Religious Affections,* (ii) John Wesley, *A Plain Account of Christian Perfection.* And how about (iiia) Lewis’s *The Great Divorce* and (iiib) *Mere Christianity* (I know, I know… but Lewis’s discussion of the Trinity and sanctification hit me with great force *after* my more formal theological education).

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