One (Cheeky) Way to a Address a Parachurch Audience

I couldn’t resist highlighting this (half-serious) comment from Martyn Lloyd-Jones at the beginning of a message for a parachurch meeting including leaders of IVF:

I have been trying to find your organisations in the Bible, but you are not to be found in the New Testament.  I did find you, however, in the Old – in the Book of Judges, chapter 17, verse 6, ‘In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes’ (Iain Murray, David Martyn Lloyd-Jones [Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1982], p. 366).


2 thoughts on “One (Cheeky) Way to a Address a Parachurch Audience

  1. Cheeky indeed (!), but not off the mark related to the way more than a few young people serving in para-church ministries understand their ministry, its purposes, and its relationship to the church. For some, the church has little if anything to do with the work of their para-church ministry. Happily, however, I still interact with many others who remain devoted to serving local churches through their service in para-church organizations.

  2. Agreed, Kent. This can get interesting working in admissions at a seminary that still requires an official ‘church endorsement’ form for applicants, many of whom are fresh out of college and haven’t been terribly connected to church life!

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