When We Lack Ecclesiological Structures

I read here today that the NAE has developed a code of ethics for pastors.  Certainly there’s nothing wrong with wanting to promote integrity and purity among pastors, but would this be necessary if evangelicals were properly rooted in ecclesial traditions and confessional frameworks that emphasized more than just Bebbington’s big four?

What do you make of the implications of this code?  Is it an important corrective?  A problematic development?



One thought on “When We Lack Ecclesiological Structures

  1. It’s not going to go anywhere. The history of the NEA is that it is a figurehead organization that claims tons of members yet never can seem to get them together. While having some kind of “code” is honorable, ultimately this will do nothing.

    As this happens it will continue to reassert the impotence of the NEA since most evangelical churches, particularly the ones without denominational affliation, don’t care what the NEA thinks or does.

    Just my 2¢

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