TF welcomes new contributor

It is exciting for me to welcome Zen Hess as a new contributor to Theology Forum! Zen was a student of mine at Huntington University and is now ZenProfileSmallercompleting graduate studies in theology at Duke Divinity School (read more about Zen here). Welcome Zen!

Over the years I have had many great students, some even exemplary, but Zen stands out as one of the best. He has also become a treasured friend, which is the best sort of telos for the professor/student relationship. This all makes it exceptionally satisfying for me to welcome him to our little band of theologians.

We have been blogging at TF since 2006, and I have come to realize that being theologians in the blogosphere is a unique sort of thing. Interaction in virtual spaces – even spaces that explicitly set out to be Christian – is so often vitriolic, combative, and impatient. None of which witnesses well to the church of Jesus Christ or her servants (theologians). It will be fun to see how Zen carries forward our modest aim to do theology in a joyful, irenic, and thoroughly  “churchly” way.


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