Weekender: July 22, 2017

Weekender: 07/22/2017

Welcome to the weekend! Each week, we like to offer a few quick highlights from our week that we think will give you something worthwhile to think about over the weekend. Enjoy this week’s Weekender and add to it in the comments below!

Quote Worth Repeating: “God is not some great basket we can fill with any warm, fuzzy thought we choose; some amorphous something that is the mystery left over after we have explained everything else in life by other means. God has a face, a name, a way of action: the Trinity.” By Will Willimon and Stan Hauerwas in Lord, Teach Us: The Lord’s Prayer & the Christian Life.

Blog Post to Read: From our friends at Faith and Theology, here is a beautifully written (and short) reflection on the theological significance of bare feet. “In scripture,” Steve Wright suggests, “the highest theological idea is revealed in the lowest human extremity.”

New Books to Read:
There’s some fantastic books being released in the next few months. Here is my (Zen) list of upcoming reads. Tell us about your reading list in the comments!

  1. Practices of Love by Kyle David Bennet (Baker)
  2. Incarnational Ministry by Sam Wells (Eerdmans)
  3. Jesus and the Last Supper by Brant Pitre (Eerdmans)
  4. A Palestinian Theology of Liberation by Naim Stifan Ateek (Orbis)

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!


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