A Prayer for Palm Sunday

Based on Mark 11:1-11

God the Son,

You came into Bethlehem
in a humble manger.
Then you rode into Jerusalem
on a humble donkey.
May you give us the grace
to be humble like you,
and the courage to believe
that humility is a virtue
the world cannot do without.

I do not know
whether the people shouting “Hosanna!”
knew that you would
not save them by force.
I am thankful you went ahead
and saved us even though we didn’t understand
how you intended to do so.
May you remind us that
your ways are higher than ours,
and give us the fortitude to be convinced
that your love is higher
and more mighty to save than violence.

You came into the Temple,
but it was already quite late.
So you left for Bethany
with your disciples.
It was not yet time for what you came to do.
So you waited,
and then you accomplished.
While I pray to you in the morning,
the hour of history feels quite late.
May you come again soon,
just like you promised,
that we may all lay palms before you
one last time
shouting with all
the angels
and martyrs
and holy ones who have gone before us:
“Hosanna in the highest!”



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