Wheaton’s COVID-19 Church Online Summit

Hi all:

As a pastor, I am still daily rethinking my understanding of church and worship and pastoral ministry during this pandemic. I am sharing a link to Wheaton’s online summit, which is happening now. I think it could be helpful for others.

Here are a few other resources that have been helpful for me during this time.

  • Calvin’s Institute for Christian Worship put together resources here.
  • Christian Century has had some great posts for pastors and laypeople alike. I am especially eager to read Richard Lischer’s recent post. See more here.

A Collect for Pastors during Social Distancing

Oh Good Shepherd, You walk alongside us through every dark valley even when we cannot see You. May Your abiding presence with us in Spirit comfort us and teach us to abide faithfully with our beloved congregation, whom You have called us to serve, even when we are not physically present with them. Patiently show us a way where there seems to be no way. In Christ, through the Spirit, to You, Beloved Father, we pray. Amen.

Grace and peace,

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