An Interview with Jason Byassee

This interview was originally my church’s time of biblical reflection and proclamation during an all-digital service. (Nov. 8, 2020: full service is available here. There is an echo on the pre-recorded videos, however, so you’ll want to watch the interview video below.) We discuss the psalms in general, Psalm 146 specifically, and how Jesus encounters us through that psalm. Enjoy!

Jason Byassee currently teaches at Vancouver School of Theology. He is an ordained Methodist minister and has published numerous books, including a commentary on the final fifty psalms.

Just because I am proud of it, I’m also sharing a pre-recorded song Jessie (my wife) and I created for the service. I created all the music in Garageband; and Jessie can SING. The song challenges us to see enemies as brothers and sisters. A fitting challenge for the year we’ve had.


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