Pastors & Power: What to do?

Theology Forum contributor Kyle Strobel co-wrote an important essay for Christianity Today about pastors and power. You can click here to read the whole essay. But I want to highlight an excerpt that stole my attention, and offer a few comments. Kyle and Jamin Goggin write:

While toxic power is surely a dangerous and corrosive agent in the church, there is another form of power we are called to embrace. Kingdom power is power in weakness for the sake of love. It is power grounded in humble dependence upon God and wielded in service and blessing. This is the power modeled by Christ. Therefore the cross defines kingdom power, and as such the world deems it foolish and weak (1 Cor. 1:18).

This is an important distinction. We cannot throw power out altogether, because that would be dishonest. “The Christian life,” they write, “is a call to power (2 Cor. 12:9–10), and more specifically, God has vested the pastoral office with authority.” The question is what kind of power do we have?  Continue reading


Another “Not-To-Do” List: For Pastors and Theologians

Tim Ferriss is obsessed with efficiency. On his podcast, Ferriss often invites the most successful people in the world, from athletes to scientists, to share their workflow. Today he posted a blog with a “Not-To-Do” list that is, for the most part, helpful. Pastoral ministry is not and should not be equated with running a business. Since Tim is writing primarily for businesspeople, some of the list doesn’t translate into a life of pastoral care. So, I thought I’d offer a slightly revised version for those of us who are pulled every which way as servants in the Church. Continue reading