Old Testament Theology » Israel’s Gospel & Israel’s Faith

A guest review by Benjamin Foreman

Goldingay, John. Old Testament Theology: Israel’s Gospel. Vol. 1 (IVP, 2003), hb, 940 pp., $33.00

Goldingay, John. Old Testament Theology: Israel’s Faith. Vol. 2 (IVP, 2006), hb, 891 pp., $30.00

The title “Old Testament Theology” is somewhat enigmatic 2561.jpgbecause defining exactly what is the task of Old Testament theology and how best to go about doing it, is a question which Old Testament scholars have attempted to flesh out since the beginning of the 20th century.  Since scholars have differing conceptions of what an Old Testament theology should look like, a variety of approaches are reflected in previous works.  John Goldingay has divided his study into three parts: Israel’s Gospel, Israel’s Faith, and Israel’s Life (forthcoming).

Goldingay has published a plethora of articles, monographs, and commentaries on the Old Testament, and thus his two (massive) volumes are backed by more than 30 years of thoughtful contemplation and interaction with the Old Testament.  They are a valuable contribution to Old Testament studies. 

Volume 1 – Old Testament Theology: Israel’s Gospel

Volume one focuses on what he calls “Israel’s gospel story.”  His central purpose is to explore what Israel’s own history has to teach us about God.  Continue reading