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  1. How does an author submit their book to you? Would you be interested in reviewing my book The Faith of Demons? It exposes false gospels, false assurance, the true gospel, etc. The thesis is that anything that is found in a demon (knowledge and experience) that is also found in a person must not be equated to saving grace. In other words, salvation must go beyond what is common to the demonic realm. Saving faith is more than just knowledge of facts, it is repenting and trusting Christ alone for salvation.

    • We do not make any promises about reviewing your book on the blog, but you are welcome to send it to one of us. Our mailing addresses are available on our university faculty pages.

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for the recommendation. We do not make any promises regarding review recommendations — all of us are short on time as it is! We do thank you for the recommendation and will keep an eye on this book in case it should fit into some of the research we are doing.

      All the best,

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