Theology Forum Fieldtrip

Many of you might assume that the Theology Forum “crew” are all business all the time. So, in order to remedy that (if not just a little), we have decided to post our recent Theology Forum Fieldtrip. This is the “softer side” of Theology Forum if you will.

So, what was it that dragged us out of our respective offices and into the highlands of Scotland? Scotland’s largest used book store of course! We drove out to Leakey’s Second Hand Bookshop in Inverness. Leakey’s is situated in an old church building, has a wood burning fire (which would be an insurance nightmare in the states), and a cafe on the mezzanine level. All in all, it was a good trip. Sadly, I personally didn’t find anything this trip (although Leakey’s did supply me with my 1936 copy of Barth’s God in Action).




Although I wasn’t able to walk away with a great used book, I was able to obtain some great coffee from the roasters across the street. All in all, a good trip. If anyone knows of any great used book stores (especially if they have a good theology section, let us know!).