Being an Orchestra in a Time of War [Sermon]

Political tensions are continually on the rise. As a church, we must not get so lost, as I am sometimes tempted to do, in the turmoil of world affairs that we can no longer recognize ourselves as Christians, as Christ’s church. I preached at The 509 Community several years ago about Herod’s attempt to kill Jesus off. The way I see it, and I think I can still say this even on the other side of seminary, this story reveals two kingdoms at war. In the sermon, I admit that I am disenchanted with the concept of Jesus as “King” because I have only ever seen broken, corrupt, vicious political systems. I get it that Jesus will be King, is King. I just do not have a framework for understanding how he is King. So, in this sermon, I try to think of him as a conductor. This leads to a natural reflection on what kind of kingdom the church is to be. I hope that the words will encourage you, in our always trying times, to see Jesus as a King who will rule in peace, a king who lays his life down, for the world; not one who attacks his own people with chemical gas or threatens world powers to shore up his ego. Though this sermon was preached the Sunday after Christmas, it is an Easter sermon.  Continue reading