Everything Happens for a Reason

This book is worthy of every rave review it has already received. Everything Happens For a Reason by Kate Bowler, who wrote the first history of the prosperity gospel, is a captivating memoir of one women’s bitterly ironic journey with her faith and health. (Many thanks to Random House for sending me a copy to review.)

As of this post’s publication, the book is climbing Amazon’s charts (at #27 in print best sellers overall; #8 in Religion and Spirituality). Bowler writes beautifully, in a voice completely her own. She will make you laugh when you feel like you shouldn’t be laughing and she will carry you into the darkness she has faced until you feel its weight. Most of all, she will offer you hope. “Joy persists somehow and I soak it in,” she writes. “The horror of cancer has made everything seem like it is painted in bright colors. I think the same thoughts again and again: Life is so beautiful. Life is so hard” (p. 123). Continue reading


Another “Not-To-Do” List: For Pastors and Theologians

Tim Ferriss is obsessed with efficiency. On his podcast, Ferriss often invites the most successful people in the world, from athletes to scientists, to share their workflow. Today he posted a blog with a “Not-To-Do” list that is, for the most part, helpful. Pastoral ministry is not and should not be equated with running a business. Since Tim is writing primarily for businesspeople, some of the list doesn’t translate into a life of pastoral care. So, I thought I’d offer a slightly revised version for those of us who are pulled every which way as servants in the Church. Continue reading