Currents in Religion: A new podcast

Howdy all, Zen here. It’s been quiet around here, in part, because I transitioned into a Ph.D. program down at Baylor University (sic’ em, Bears!).

Part of my work over the last several months has included helping the Religion Department and Baylor University Press start up a new podcast. It will feature folks from the department, authors from the press, and, depending on the show, other guests that might help us have a good conversation. And I get the privilege of serving as the host. It’s good fun.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share the podcast with you all in case you’d be interested in listening. You can check it out using the player below or search “Currents in Religion” on Apple, Spotify, or Amazon Music. And follow us on Twitter at @cirbaylor!

Until next time,

A Grammar Lesson in Prayer: Bill Bellinger on the Psalms Currents in Religion

In this episode, Bill Bellinger joins us to discuss the literary shape of the psalms, and how the psalms have given people of faith a grammar for their faith and prayer.  Bill Bellinger was the W. Marshall and Lulie Craig Chairholder in Bible and the Chair of the Department of Religion at Baylor University before his recent retirement (though, he is returning this spring to teach a course on the psalms once again). Bill has also published several books with Baylor University Press, including Psalms as a Grammar for Faith and the Baylor Annotated Study Bible.
  1. A Grammar Lesson in Prayer: Bill Bellinger on the Psalms
  2. AARSBL from a Publisher's Perspective: A Chat with Dave Nelson
  3. Seeing and Touching History: Cynthia Shafer-Elliott on Archaeology, History, and the Hebrew Bible
  4. Eating Our Way Home? A Conversation with Matt Croasmun
  5. Icons, Economies, and Racism: A Conversation with Jonathan Tran and Jessica Wai-Fong Wong
  6. Natalie Carnes on Feminist Theology and the Arts
  7. Cursing, Christ, and Christian Prayer
  8. Imagining Motherhood in the Christian Tradition
  9. A Study in How Migration Shapes Religion
  10. Beverly Gaventa on New Testament Studies: Past, Present, and Future

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